Exciting News!

Steve Luxa, founding pastor of GracePoint Community Church and current interim pastor of Second Congregational Church in Peabody, Massachusetts will be candidating for Senior Pastor   at FBC on Sunday, May 24. Steve and his wife Jenny will be in Davis for several days to meet with our church family, as well   as attend the Memorial Day picnic. Steve has an MS degree in math from Colorado State University and a M.Div. from Denver Seminary. Steve and Jenny are both originally from Colorado   and have two sons. The Pastoral Search Team and the Board of  Elders have interviewed and met with Steve and Jenny and are very excited about them coming to FBC. Both the PST and Board were unanimous in calling Steve to candidate. In the days preceding May 24, there will be opportunities to meet Steve and Jenny. And then, following the second service on the 24, there will be a business meeting for FBC members to vote on calling Steve to ministry at FBC. For more information about Steve, please contact any member of the Search Team or Elder Board. You can also check the following web pages below. Above all, please join us in prayer as we trust God to lead us forward.

On behalf of the Elder Board,

Keith Redenbaugh


The Next Steps: Pastor Search Update 3.27.15

This week was a big week for the pastor search team.

After a year of meeting, planning, praying and praying some more; after reading hundreds of pages of applications and conducting dozens of hours of interviews, we narrowed our search to a final few candidates. We’ve talked at length, prayed at length, and met them in person.

We cannot stress enough how impressed and encouraged we were by the quality and godliness of the candidates: each of them men of such integrity and skill that we wondered how we might ever choose between them. We have prayed hard for wisdom.

Earlier this week, we did what we were tasked by the FBC elders to do: after reviewing all the candidates, we have made our recommendations to the elders. From here on: the elders will do their own checks and interviews, and then invite the top candidate out to visit our church family and preach.

But for now, that means the work of the Pastor Search Team is on hold, and, if the elders and community are excited about these candidates too, our task will have come to an end.

So from the Pastor Search Team to you, we want to say:

* Thank you for praying! God has answered prayers both big and small in ways that have stretched our faith and amazed us.

* Please keep praying for the elders and candidate as they take the next steps forward, and

* Praise be to God, who has promised to direct our steps. Thus far He has helped us, and we trust that He will do so yet.

Pastor Search Update 2/7/2015

It’s been nearly a year since the Pastor Search Team first sat down to pray and plan about finding a new senior pastor at our church. We have had dozens of meetings, read hundreds of applications, asked thousands of questions, and the good news is… we’re getting much closer.

Trusting God every step of the way, we are now at the stage of personally interviewing the top pool of candidates. We are excited about each one of these men: they are gifted, godly, and able to teach and lead. Over the next few weeks we will be speaking with each of them and getting to know them even better. We have many more phone calls to make, more sermons to listen to, and fairly soon some miles will be traveled to meet one another’s communities. We’re excited.

Please pray.

Specifically, would you join us in prayer for the following:

1. That God would continue to lead FBC to the place and person He has prepared for us (Exodus 23:30).

2. For the Holy Spirit to illuminate all the conversations and bring the things we need to see to light. We can only see a person’s exterior, but God knows the heart. Please pray for him to reveal hearts.

3. Pray for each of the candidates. God has a good and perfect will for each of them, and this is a long journey for them and their families. Please pray for their protection and guidance, and that God would lead them each to exactly the next step he has for each, wherever that may be.

4. Pray for the Search Team: for energy, clarity and a continued dependence on God.

May His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

Thanks for standing with us in prayer,

Bronwyn (for the Search Team)

Pastor Search Update 12/16/2014

“So, how is the search going?”

We get asked this often, and are thankful that so many are interested and asking. We take this as a sign of our community’s care and prayer over this process, and above all – we covet your prayers because we believe God answers!

The short answer is this: after receiving over 110 applications in October, we read and reviewed all of them, and asked a little over a dozen of those to move forward with us to the next stage of “getting to know each other”. We are actively engaged with those candidates – asking them to answer lots of detailed questions, which we will review over the Christmas break, and then move to the next stage of interviewing early in the new year.

We would appreciate your prayers. Please pray for God’s blessing and guidance on each of the gifted and godly men who applied: we pray they would be strengthened and encouraged and that God would show them the exact times and places He has for each of them to serve, wherever that may be. Please pray for us as we read and review: we are trying to walk a fine line between getting to know someone professionally on paper, while at the same time deeply longing for a leader whose heart has been searched out by God.

These next few weeks are crucial. We are excited, we are trying to work both thoroughly and efficiently, and we appreciate your prayers in every phase of this journey.

Trusting in the Great Shepherd,

Your Search Team.

Search Team Update 10/25/2014

Applications for the Senior/Lead Pastor position closed on October 10th, and it has been our privilege and joy to read and review well over 100 applications since then.

In many ways, this process resembles that of online dating: we created a profile which we felt best reflected our church’s character, values and the things we are looking for, and now we are scrolling through the profiles of dozens of gifted, godly men to see if we can find a “match” which is agreeable to both our church family and the applicants – understanding, of course, that God is the one who works behind and in all of our match-making choices.

It has been very encouraging to see the breadth and depth of ways that God has called and equipped people in his service: truly, we cannot say enough how honored we feel to have received applications from so many people. Reading their testimonies has been remarkable. That being said, though, not every applicant is a good match for us. Of some we have said “This guy is awesome… for another church, and another place in God’s Kingdom.” It comforts us to know that God will have a place for everyone. Our hope, even for those we have said ‘no’ too, is that the process of applying was helpful to them, and that they were blessed by their interaction with our church.

That being said, we we busy narrowing our list of candidates to a “top 10”. We are reading resumes again, checking references, and bathing the process in prayer. We aim to be taking our relationship with those top 10 to the “next level” in November – asking each of them for answers to more detailed questions in this get-to-know-you process.

As indeed, they will be getting to know us.

We are so grateful for God’s guidance and the help He has provided thus far. We are grateful that in this interim period, we are faithfully led by a Spirit-led staff and board of elders. We are grateful for the reminder that we, the congregation, are the church. However, we also eagerly look forward to the day when we have a senior pastor again.

Thank you for your prayers, and thank you for your patience. We are working as quickly as we can: we know this is important. We are also not wanting to rush, and to take the time this needs to choose wisely, prayerfully and well. We are working for as long as it takes to keep in step with the Spirit.

Please keep praying. We trust that God is faithful and will lead us to the place he has appointed.

On behalf of the search team,


Search Team Update 9/16/2014

The Pastor Search Team has been combing through more than 80 applications we have already received, and are excited to read more as we get closer to the close of applications on October 10th. It is amazing to see the wide variety of gifted and godly people God has sprinkled throughout his world! We trust that God has a place for every one of these applicants to serve Him in His Kingdom, and are encouraged to read many applications which could, potentially, be a wonderful fit for our community.

Thank you for praying and trusting God with us. Thank you for attending the worship and prayer night (and thank you, Derek and Randy, for leading us!) Thank you to the pastors for shepherding us through this time of transition: a “crossing” from one season to another.

And thank you, in hope, for continuing to think of people you’d love to see serve at FBC Davis, and encouraging them to apply.

With hope, and deep gratitude from the Search Team.

Pastor Search Team Update – 8/18/2014

It has been two weeks since the job posting for a new Senior/Lead Pastor was listed.  Applications have started coming in and we have a few dozen applicants from all over the US – it has been encouraging, and we look forward to reading many more before applications close on October 10th, 2014.

The Search Team would really appreciate your prayers as we read through every application. Please pray for God’s guidance and wisdom, for each applicant to be blessed by their connection with us. Please also prayerfully consider if there are individuals you might encourage to apply. Pray that, as Exodus 23:20 says, God would send his angels ahead of us at FBC to guard us along the way and to bring us to the place that He has prepared.

Thanks for your support and prayers: we appreciate every word.


The Search Team.